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21 years old and held license for a minimum of 2 year.

Yes you can, except if it’s a Bermuda driving license.

Yes you can.

You will have to opt for one of our insurances with full or partial coverage.

And you must have available in your account the amount necessary excess pre-authorization.

Yes, but the additional driver must be listed on the rental contract.

The second driver must also provide their valid driving license and ID or Passport.

A fee applies for the additional driver. 

Every 24hours after the vehicle’s pick up.

The Rental Price amount shown includes civil liability insurance, unlimited mileage and VAT.

Our additional insurances are as follows:


SCDW - Super Collision Damage Waiver:


  • Groups A, B: 20€ a day with a liability of €250. In the event of an accident due to the customer's fault, this is the maximum amount you will pay.
  • Groups C and others: 25€ a day with a liability of 500€. In the event of an accident due to the customer's fault, this is the maximum amount you will pay.
  • Not available for Group M.

SCDW - Super Collision Damage Waiver:

  • Groups A, B: 35€ a day without liability.
  • Groups C and others: 40€ a day without liability.
  • Group M: 20€ a day without liability.


These insurances do not cover damage caused by the driver's negligence, namely driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, loss of vehicle keys and fuel mismatch.

The liability value depends on the group booked and the insurance bought.

In all contracted insurances, a 150€* block applies for fuel and fines.

With the exception of Group M where the block for fuel and fines is €50.

Purchased Insurance Standard Insurance SCDW ZERO EXCESS
Group A and B 1500 + 150€* 250 + 150€* 0€ + 150€*
Group C and others 2500 + 150€* 500 + 150€* 0€ + 150€*
Group M 500€ + 50€* Not applicable 0€ + 150€*

Non-refundable bookings cannot be cancelled.

Free Cancellation or Zero Excess bookings can be canceled free of charge up to 48 hours before the rental start date.

All cancellations made after this period will be considered a non-show and will not be refunded.

You have 2 options: in our office, in Ponta Delgada center or at the airport. In case of the airport, need to inform us your flight's details.

The vehicle can be pick-up at any of our office, within their working hours.

The airports offices are open 24 hours a day, however an extra fee will be charged whenever the pick-up or delivery is made between 8 pm and 8 am.

That fee is included in the price shown on our website.

At the moment there isn't available the car delivery outside our oficces locations.

The vehicle pick-up at Ponta Delgada Airport works with a shuttle service.

Our facilities are 3 minutes away from the airport.

Upon arrival please contact one of the following numbers +351 919 135 570 or +351 918 208 020.

Our team will arrange with you all the details for your pick-up at the Airport and vehicle delivery.


The vehicle pick-up at Lages Airport (Terceira Island) is done at our counter in the arrivals area of ​​the respective airport.

Vehicle is delivered with a full tank of fuel. You must return it with the same fuel level you had when you picked it up (full tank), as shown by the original fuel gauge.

We advise the Customer to fill up the fuel tanks as close as possible of the return station on the same day of return and to keep the receipt to be presented to us.

If the Customer does not return the Vehicle with a full tank, and if he is unable to present the refueling receipt, a fee of €50 will be charged, as well as the value of the fuel, to cover the costs incurred with refueling the Vehicle.

The amount of fuel charged to the Customer will correspond to the fuel used, according to the level shown by the original fuel gauge, rounded to the nearest value of one eighth (1/8) of the tank. This value is based on the tank capacity indicated by the manufacturer.

Vehicles shall be dropped-off in the same conditions as they were delivered to the tenant, including its cleaning.

A cleaning fee of 25€ will be charged, whenever the vehicle is not delivered in the same cleaning conditions in which it was delivered.

You must come to our office with the contract and we’ll take care of the extension.

To view our full terms and conditions please visit our terms and conditions page

The delivery of the car must be made on the reserved date and time.

A grace period of 2 hours will be given after the reserved time, in which you can deliver the car free of charge.

After this period, additional costs will be charged for delivery outside the reserved time.

Up to six hours after the reserved time, hourly charges will be charged based on the daily rate.

After six hours of the reserved time, an extra day will be charged.

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