Full Terms and Conditions

Useful Important Information

The minimum rental period is 1 day (24 hours) with any fraction being considered as such.

It is necessary to present a driving license valid in Portugal. 

A minimum of 21 years old with two year's driving experience is required, with the exception of groups D where the minimum age is 25 years with at least two years driving experience.

Vehicle is delivered with a full tank of fuel. You must return it with the same fuel level you had when you picked it up (full tank), as shown by the original fuel gauge.

We advise the Customer to fill up the fuel tanks as close as possible of the return station on the same day of return and to keep the receipt to be presented to us.

If the Customer does not return the Vehicle with a full tank, and if he is unable to present the refueling receipt, a fee of €50 will be charged, as well as the value of the fuel, to cover the costs incurred with refueling the Vehicle.

It is mandatory to present the refueling receipt when the rental period is 1 day (24 hours) or when the distance covered is less than 120 kilometers.

In these cases, in the absence of presentation of the refueling receipt, you will be charged a fee of €50, as well as the value of the fuel, to cover the costs incurred with refueling the Vehicle.

The amount of fuel charged to the Customer will correspond to the fuel used, according to the level shown by the original fuel gauge, rounded to the nearest value of one eighth (1/8) of the tank. This value is based on the tank capacity indicated by the manufacturer.

The fuel price charged at the end of the rental period is based on the prices used in the Região Autónoma dos Açores, as indicated on the website of the Fundo Regional de Apoio à Coesão e ao Desenvolvimento Económico: https://portal.azores.gov.pt/web/fracde/pre%C3%A7o-combust%C3%ADveis

All prices include limited public liability valid in Portugal being the client responsible for damages caused to the hired car.

The liability can be minimized with the contractualization of an additional insurance (with an additional cost per day). Prices and conditions available at the rental station.

The customer will always be responsible for all damages caused to third parties or to the rented vehicle, under the following conditions:

a)       When the car is driven by person who is not legally qualified or authorized by MICAUTO;

b)       When the car suffer damage intentionally caused by the customer (lessee) or by a person for whom he is responsible;

c)       Whenever the is driven by a person under the influence of alcohol, narcotics, other drugs or toxic products. And when the driver has dementia and mental problems;

d)       When the vehicle suffers acts of vandalism, such as damaged locks, broken windows, or in any other part of the vehicle. Furthermore, when the vehicle is damaged by theft attempted;

e)       The company will consider acts of vandalism the tire burst and damaged rims when the cause is not an accident;

f)        When the car is used in sports competitions, races, rallies, challenges, contests, bets, etc;

g)       When the car suffers an accident and the client did not report it to MICAUTO in the shortest possible time.

The lack of communication or the delayed communication of an accident, assigns to the customer the responsibility to compensate MICAUTO for all extra expenses and procedural delays, originating from that.

To confirm your reservation, a payment of the total reservation amount will be requested.

This amount can be paid by credit card, debit card and ATM reference or MBWAY (only availabal for Portugal).

You will have 6 hours to make the payment, and so confirm the reservation. If you do not do it within 6 hours, the reservation will be cancelled.

The settlement of any extra costs charged to the customer will be made at the end of the rent.

A deposit (pre-authorization) will be made on your credit or debit card upon delivery of the car, which includes the excess of the vehicle plus 150€ for traffic fines, missing fuel/refilling fee, cleaning fee and potential extension of the rental by a few days.

In cases where the customer does not take any insurance, a deposit (pre-authorization) will be made to cover potential damage to the vehicle, which corresponds to part of the commercial value of the vehicle.

The funds pre-authorization on the customer's card will be released a few days after the car return date.

For more information see our FAQ.

hours of those offices.

Outside working hours, a fee of €20 will be applied, and are subject to our availability.

Deliveries outside the rental stations are subject to the payment of extra costs and fees. This information and prices are available at our rental stations.

Vehicles shall be dropped-off in the same conditions as they were delivered to the tenant, including its cleaning.

A cleaning fee of 25€ will be charged, whenever the vehicle is not delivered in the same cleaning conditions in which it was delivered.

It is always the customer's responsibility for any traffic fines or parking fines occurred during the period of the rental agreement.

The rental ends on the agreed day, time and place.

If the customer wants to extend the rental agreement, he will have to contact MICAUTO, at least 24 hours in advance. So that company can authorize it.

In case of use after the end of the contract and without prior authorization from Micauto, it will be considered improper use of the vehicle. This fact will be considered improper use of the vehicle, being reported to the authorities and punishable under Portuguese law.

Additionally, there will not be any public liability Insurance coverage in the event of an accident, so any damage caused to third parties will be under the responsibility of the client.

It is not allowed to exceed the maximum capacity shown in the vehicle registration, under the Portuguese legislation.

In case of an accident or traffic fine, it will be entirely the customer's responsibility.

In case of accident the client must proceed as follows:

A.       To call the Police PCP our G.N.R.;

B.       In case of person injuries call an ambulance;

C.       Contact and inform immediately the nearest MICAUTO office or call S.O.S. mobile phone;

D.       Ask from the other involved accident drivers in the other vehicles the following information:

                             i.         Name, Address and Phone number;

                             ii.         Driver’s license, country and date of issue;

                            iii.         Car brand, model and registration number(es) of involved car(s );

                            iv.         Insurance company and policy number;

                             v.         Name and Addresses of the accident witnesses.

In case of breakdown the client must contact immediately the office of MICAUTO from 9.00 a.m. to 6.00 p.m., after 6.00 p.m. please contact S.O.S mobile phone.

You must indicate the following data:

a)       Client Name;

b)       Car registration number;

c)       Nr. of rental Agreement;

d)       Place of the car breakdown;

e)       Car breakdown details.

MICAUTO is not responsible for any time loss caused by accident or breakdown that may delay or stop the client's Holidays or trip.

MICAUTO delivers to the customer a folder with the documents relating to the vehicle.

In case of loss during the rental period, the customer will be responsible for that.

A fee of €100 will be charged to cover the costs of the new documents.

The customer will also be responsible for the payment of any fine while driving the vehicle without the legal documentation.

Non-refundable bookings cannot be cancelled and refunded.

Free Cancellation or Zero Excess bookings can be canceled free of charge up to 48 hours before the rental start date.

All cancellations made after this period will be considered a non-show and will not be refunded.

All disputes and differences arising out of or in connection with this Agreement including in relation to any non-contractual obligation, will be competent the Court of the District of Ponta Delgada, with express waiver of any other.